Alexandr Kryshtal



Alexandr Kryshtal is an award-winning independent filmmaker fromKyiv, Ukraine, with a strong desire to tell stories by applying uniqueexperimental approach and his own style.From young age, Alex wasinspired by urban culture of the seaside where he grew up. Watchinghis friends — artists and skaters surfing streets led to shooting of hisfirst skate videos when he was 15.

He was always into music,composing and experimenting with sound he created several singlesand instrumental EP.

This experience is reflected in his debutpersonal project, Rise Against. The film was selected at differentinternational festivals, such as 1.4, Shiny Awards, BMVA, and wasawarded for best editing at Berlin Commercial Festival 2020.As hisstyle develops, the later works contain immersive visual languagewith experimental editing and innovative sound design, combinedwith true-to-life characters and their veridical stories.

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