Aymeric Colletta



Aymeric Colletta, an independent author-director of documentaries, fiction and advertising films, aims, in all creative fields, to be as close to reality as possible. From a very early age, his camera was the tool he used to apprehend the world around him. At the age of 11, he was already making very short films with whatever he had to hand and before his eyes, and whilst a student, he made short films.

His studies at cinema school allowed him to settle in Paris, where he started working for television, at first in post-production. In 2008, he became a video journalist, travelling around the world to report on societal and discovery subjects. This experience recording eyewitness accounts and encountering reality as experienced by others was a veritable starting point for his pathway to becoming a film director. 

A quest for realism and authenticity is visible throughout his films, such as Les Légions de Thèbes, Villa 21, and the series Un Cours d’Histoire, along with their cinematographic language and high-quality visuals. His last miniseries, Fadas, prolonged this documentary style with a collection of intimate portraits of football supporters, mingling casualness and depth. 

Since 2012, Aymeric has put his camera to the service of communication agencies and brands with films such as Stranger Christmas in 2018 for Netflix & Citadium, L’Envol, for the French Air Force, and more recently, Sans Filtre for insurance company La Macif. 

By using his fetish documentary-style direct contact with reality in other genres, Aymeric extends his own research on filming, driven, more than ever, by a search for meaning and sincerity.

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