Bobby Dhillon



Bobby as a director/dp loves storytelling and tells his stories passionately and with gorgeous visuals. Bobby honed his craft on American blockbusters like Alien 3, Indiana Jones, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Fifth Element and Sense & Sensibility. Over the last 15 years, he has been directing TV commercials across the globe for multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Holsten Beer, Guinness, McDonalds, Infiniti and many more. 

For the decent part of his life, Bobby found a unique niche shooting in the Middle East & Africa. Not only has he been able to tell stories in an authentic context, but as a Director/DOP he’s able to offer incredible production value with limited resources. Bobby’s experience on epic commercials for Kenyan brands like Safaricom, Tusker Beer and Guinness are testament to the unique film-making skills suitable for every part of the world. What defines Bobby is the tremendous speed or his working and ability to craft such beautiful and emotionally charged images, shown from the unique perspectives.

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