Jason Fialkov

South Africa

Cape Town

Jason has had a long love affair with creating striking imagery. As a high school student he wangled jobs in lighting departments at theatres and events around the city.

This early start led him to a full time gig with Sports Illustrated where he spent 8 years shooting some of the most beautiful women on the planet. A self taught cinematographer, he has an incredible eye for creating beautiful imagery. His prolific career spanning the last 20 years has seen him hone his craft on a multitude of projects across many genres.

Jason is a storyteller at heart. It is his natural affinity for people and authentic narrative that has formed the body of work about which he feels most passionate.He has the ability to create character driven emotive performance pieces with a cinematic and personal visual style that has gained him recognition with both audiences and awards shows globally.

His work will either make you laugh or cry, but whatever the response it will make you feel something.

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