Philip Dupée



BAFTA-winning Director Philip Dupée is one of London's busiest and most versatile Directors. 

A British-born French Huguenot he was raised in London's East End and studied Graphic Design for Print & Television.

Creatively Producing and Directing work across a large range of Commercial & Content genre, Automotive, Food, CGI/VFX, Tourism, Fashion/ Beauty & Virtual Production 

He started his career as the Creative Director &  Film Director at the Branding Agency: Lambie-Nairn Ltd.

Since then, through his own Production Company he has shot numerous TV Commercials for Brands and Agencies all around the world. 

Currently, his experience with directing pure CGI alongside complex VFX in film, has aligned him to projects where the natural solution was to shoot on a Virtual Production Stage.

He has an understanding of how to combine virtual worlds plus in-camera filming techniques, alongside his experience of directing actors in front of the camera to 
get a performance that is on brief.

He won the BAFTA for best Graphic Design in Film & Television and numerous D&AD Awards for Direction + Design, also awards at Creative Circle and
the Prestigious Royal Television Society

Dupée continues to advise clients on the latest Commercial filming techniques and how to achieve the "best in class" creative solution for their Brand.

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